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le’ts just start talking, newbie in english


I mean, I’ve studied english – for real – since 2014 but I still fell like a baby learning the colors.




Has a long time I really want to ‘write’ here in english, but – there’s always a but (im using so much that im kind of hating this word) – I just didn’t had started. So here I am.


At english course there’s a “level” where I learn how to teach and even not being part of right now I wanna be better as fast as it possible. First of all, speaking is my great trouble so I decided to record videos for youtube to practice my speaking. It seems like there’s no secret: start talking and you’ll be good. But it’s not like that, I also need to worry about the people who’s gonna watch, what kind of content I’m gonna talk about and a lot of stuff including design, marketing and stuff. These things aren’t a big deal after a bunch of internet searches, the real war behind me and doing things is my shyness personality, another reason to continue so I can work on that.


The videos are gonna be just like a blog (vlog stuff? Maybe), I’ll be talking about studies, books, lifestyle and what else comes in mind. Even things looking so hard I feel like I just need to start and that’s how I’m starting: writing a bit on this blog.


Give you a try to do whatever you want, things never happen as we expect to so we just need to start and give us a chance. Give you a chance ♡


I had already tried another thing that helped me to improve my english (immersion). That is studygram, click here to check @ndstudy on Instagram ♥


See you, next time maybe with a video.


oh gosh i feel so much better just talking about it – and in english ♥

Fotógrafa por amor, curte games, batata frita e sorvete. É no mundo das palavras, da música e da arte visual que vive a maior parte de seu tempo (quando não está estudando).

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  • Maria Cândida

    Well, hello. 🙂 You are definitely NOT learning colors! English is really different from Portuguese, but it’s actually a matter of practice, and I’m sure you’ll be doing great soon. Although I think it’s best if you have native speakers to talk to. They can help a lot with the small mistakes we make now and then. When I was in high school, I used to say stuff like “where are them?”, not noticing that “them” is actually wrong in this situation, since I am asking where they are, and not talking about them. I don’t know if I make it clear, but it’s truly a simple mistake that I got to correct thanks to native speakers, hahaha.

    Also, reading in English helps a lot with grammar! You also learn some expressions and what not. 🙂

    Anyway, I bet you’ll be doing good soon enough. I know how it is to be really shy and freeze when it comes to doing the stuff we love. But once we get on with it, it’s a matter of time until it becomes natural.

    See ya~

  • Nathalia

    Heey, thank you for everything you commented!!! Yeah, practice with native spearkers is something I really need, and I am already looking for some places to go where I can talk with these people.

    Tks for the words! I’ll try to be better

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