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    what has been going on the last months (+ some links)

    heeeeeeey, finally some stuff I post in english after the first one!!! yep

    Truly, I was kinda unmotivated and sad about the virtual life and also my mental health wasn’t that good to keep going on challenges, even studies were interrupted for a while. But now I’m here, and while I can there be new stuff.

    Here’s a resume of what has been going on my life, ‘cause it helps me to understand what I need to do.


    no cellphone no camera? no pics?

    Well, I’m actually with a cellphone but it camera doesn’t work. Although, I can take pics with my Nikon D3100 Camera (my little sweet baby). I haven’t been doing it yet because it’s kinda boring the process to save it on the computer. Even though, I am trying to make an extra effort with it.


    photography as a job

    If there’s something make me feel both happiness and fear is photography. Photograph for fun is awesome but work with it makes me freeze. I am taking a few steps to make it as my real job, like building my online portfolio, registering a public “freelancer” number (in Brazil) and reconnecting with people. I understand it’s the right moment, I feel prepared for it now.

    PLUS, I love all of the visual communication and I wish to study it in a specialized school next year (including design).

    You can know about the news following me on Instagram and Facebook.


    english learning

    When I started studying english I had being an english teacher like a goal.  Things didn’t happen that way because of my shiny personality. So last months I gave up trying to improve english motivated by the feeling I couldn’t be good at it. But on the last days – finally – it has changed a bit. I still wanna be a teacher and I decided to improve all of my skills to be good at it. One of the things I’m doing is going to meetups to practice english with natives and people who speak english, and my first time was awesome. I hope to continue improving my english skills.



    Since the beginning of the year my most priority on reading is about the ones I need to study for the test I’m gonna have on november. Also, I’ve been reading a bit of DC comics, fictional and blogs. Check out my readings on GoodReads.



    I used to search and watch series/movies on unsafe and strange sites but right now I don’t have to. Certainly, Netflix has saved me so much time (but also, wasted).

    The series I most like to watch these weeks: The Good Place, Gravity Falls, Final Space, The End of the Fucking World, Lucifer, Black Mirror and ATYPICAL (this one is awesome); most of them are currently updated. Movies are really good I watched this week: Sierra Burges Is a Loser (my english classmate Gabriel suggested, thanks ♥) and Coraline.


    studying (?)

    When decisions came to me I just froze and it really disturbed me. I’m changing every time especially on studies, which means I casually need some breath. I’ve not been studying just like I used to, but the time I’m saving now is being used for my improvement. Thomas Frank and Fernando Mesquita are the most important examples I use for my own life, with them I learn a huge quantity of self-improvement. Also, I’m in the 100 days of productivity challenge (currently on day 65th), that’s how I keep my goals in mind while I take a bit breath. (I’m always saying how I take breaks but actually, they’re more like a moment to make decisions. So I keep working)


    i try to take notes on my study books, if it’s not mine i use some left paper


    While writing all of these things I was trying to figure out why I should keep digiting this, and what I see now: it helps a lot to have another vision and to understand in what I need to focus starting by now.

    Hope you all have in mind what to do to achieve your goals ♥


    see you

    one more post in english by someone who’s learning how to get words together,


  • in english

    le’ts just start talking, newbie in english


    I mean, I’ve studied english – for real – since 2014 but I still fell like a baby learning the colors.




    Has a long time I really want to ‘write’ here in english, but – there’s always a but (im using so much that im kind of hating this word) – I just didn’t had started. So here I am.


    At english course there’s a “level” where I learn how to teach and even not being part of right now I wanna be better as fast as it possible. First of all, speaking is my great trouble so I decided to record videos for youtube to practice my speaking. It seems like there’s no secret: start talking and you’ll be good. But it’s not like that, I also need to worry about the people who’s gonna watch, what kind of content I’m gonna talk about and a lot of stuff including design, marketing and stuff. These things aren’t a big deal after a bunch of internet searches, the real war behind me and doing things is my shyness personality, another reason to continue so I can work on that.


    The videos are gonna be just like a blog (vlog stuff? Maybe), I’ll be talking about studies, books, lifestyle and what else comes in mind. Even things looking so hard I feel like I just need to start and that’s how I’m starting: writing a bit on this blog.


    Give you a try to do whatever you want, things never happen as we expect to so we just need to start and give us a chance. Give you a chance ♡


    I had already tried another thing that helped me to improve my english (immersion). That is studygram, click here to check @ndstudy on Instagram ♥


    See you, next time maybe with a video.


    oh gosh i feel so much better just talking about it – and in english ♥